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See all local jobs as a free member and national jobs as a premium member. Express interest and if the company likes what they see, you'll mutually match! A chat box appears, maybe a phone call is set up and you're working in no time!

We decided to use text messaging via Twilio to increase engagement on Trusted Herd as opposed to push notifications with native mobile apps. These custom text messages include links to specific opportunities on the web app. For this reason, we needed the web app to have near-perfect responsive design to make navigation and use easy for the workers.

Tech Stack

Trusted Herd started just as an idea. Because it was ground up development, we decided to build the app on Heroku. We wanted to focus on the app, not ops. The app is built using Groovy/Grails and leverages Twilio as opposed to native mobile apps to engage consumers directly with customer text messages.