The Challenge

GovDocs must be able to publish the latest information on employment law quickly and accurately to retain a competitive advantage. Being first to market is paramount.

But in an environment where technology moves fast, customers' expectations increase and it's impossible to remain an industry leader if you can't adapt and scale your software products quickly. GovDocs urgently needed support to expand their services and keep up with the demands of the business.


The Solution

Tarmac provided management consultancy to help GovDocs restructure their development team, and hire new leadership. By working with an experienced external partner such as Tarmac to guide this business transformation, GovDocs was able to gain executive-level buy-in and transition smoothly from a development methodology that still contained waterfall elements to an agile approach.

Tech Stack

Node js, React, Kotlin and AWS Lambda (for top quality software), MongoDB. All this supported by Tarmac management consultancy to define the development strategy, along with four of our senior developers and one Tarmac DevOps engineer to augment GovDocs' team.

Let's team up!

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