Java Developer

We are looking for a person that has some solid experience with Java.

Córdoba, AR
Montevideo, UY
Skopje, MK
You should be passionate about
  • User experience and goal-directed design
  • Style, presentation, and design
You should be very strong on all of the following
  • Java
  • Performance optimization, SQL tuning, caching strategies
  • AWS
  • Ability to own projects end-to-end
Some Perks
  • Fresh fruit sometimes, spoiled fruit all the time
  • You can work from anywhere in North or South America (including your home...)
  • Flexible hours
  • Days of PTO
  • Game nights with the team
  • Asados
Bonus skills
  • Client-side MVC (e.g. Ember or Angular)
  • Other languages/frameworks (e.g. Python, Go)
  • HTML5 fanciness (e.g. websockets, canvas, components)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS e.g. S3, EC2)